You can limit the discount for each product individually or in general.

On discount page you can find setting "Product discount limit". Activate it.


Select field "Formula". You will see, how the price with discount will be limited

Let's read the formula: Product price with plugin discounts will never be lower, than value "Purchase price + 5% from purchase price".

Assume, that we have a product:

Price - $1000,
Purchase price (PP) - $500,
Discount - 60% from product price.

We suppose, that discount will be $600 and product price will be $400.

According to limitations product price with discount will be $525.

Formula = PP + 5%*PP = 500 + 500 * 0,05 = $525 - product price will never be lower, than specified value.

Individual discount limit

Select field "Product field.

Go to Products, choose any product, try to edit it. In tab "General" you will find field "Minimal price"

Specify value, necessarily set the tick "for all skus", press save.

Minimal price will be set for each sku.

You can customize each sku.

ATTENTION! Plugin uses only sku values. Use product field of minimal price only for specifying values for all skus.


You can use import/export for changing values of minimal price.

For skus use fields:

- flexdiscount_minimal_discount_price - minimal price value. Must be numeric.
- flexdiscount_minimal_discount_currency - currency. 3 symbols.

Posted: May 4, 2020
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