Important! This setting doesnt't affect the deny rules. The product, which should not have discount, will not get it in any settings. This article is only about displaying block of Available discounts while using deny rules.

While using deny rules, you can find block of Available discounts in products, which should not have discounts. On the cart page this products will not have any discount. Depending on your discount policy it can be appropriate or not.

In order to determine when to display a block of Available discounts, and when not, there is a setting "Ignore conditions in deny rules".

With the help of this setting You can choose what conditions to ignore in deny rules while showing available discounts. There are 3 groups of conditions:

  • Product conditions
  • Product properties conditions
  • Cart conditions

See example.

Discount rule:

Deny rule:

Deny rule has a condition from group "Product properties" (price condition).

With this settings product page will be similar to that:

The product will not get any discount, but it has the block of Available discounts.

Let's change the settings

Product properties will not be ignored. In that case product will not have the block of Available discounts, because the product will not pass price validation.

Posted: May 4, 2020
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