The discount (or bonuses) can be credited in different ways. The main thing you need to understand:

In order to set a discount (bonuses) for products, you need to create discount rule.

Next, only discounts will be mentioned, because for bonuses, all settings are identical.

In the discount rule, specify how it will be charged:

  • using discount rule
  • using product field

Set discounts (bonuses) using rule

When creating a discount rule, you can specify a discount (bonuses) as a percentage or a fixed value:

Please note that for a fixed value, there is a setting Set discount to each item.

If you do not check this box, then the discount will be linked to the order as a whole, and not to each product.

Let's assume that you chose a discount of 3$ and did not check this box. After buying 5 products, the discount will not be 15$, but 3$.

Set discounts (bonuses) using product field

You can set discounts (bonuses) in the product itself. To do this, in the discount rule, select the value Product field "Discount":

Specify the conditions, if necessary. For the target, select, for example, All products that meet the conditions.

Next, in the administrative part, open the product that you need to set a discount.

Inside the product there is a general field of Discounts (Bonuses):

You can specify the value as a percentage or in a currency.

Also, the discount can be set individually for each sku. To do this, go to the sku settings and find the exact same field Discount.

Consider the specifics of filling in the Discount (Bonuses) fields for skus.

1) If the field is left empty, then the general discount value specified for the entire product will be used.

2) If you specify 0, then the discount for the sku will not apply, despite the general value specified for the entire product.

3) If you specify the discount value, and also specify the general discount value, then only the discount for the sku will be applied.

The for all skus field, which is located next to the general discount field, allows you to quickly change the discounts for all skus. After saving, the discount values of all the skus will be changed.


You can change discounts/bonuses for the products using CSV import, if your are using Product field.

Fields in CSV file:

These fields are available for both the product (table shop_product) and the skus (table shop_product_skus).

Posted: May 20, 2021
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