Does the plugin work for Shop-Script 6?

Yes, it works with version Shop-Script >= 6.1.2. You must perform additional configuration.

Why do my badges trimmed?

The reason is the layout of Your theme design. One of parents blocks has CSS rule overflow: hidden, which cuts off everything beyond the boundary of the block. This behavior is often observed in horizontal sliders.

Try to use option "Automatically add overflow: visible to parent element" in plugin settings.If that doesn't help, write to support.

The badges overlap some elements of the website. How to improve it?

Increase CSS z-index value for elements. If you don't know how to do it, write to support.

The appearance of the badges on the website is very different from that in the administrative area. What to do?

The reason is the layout of Your theme design. Write to support.

Why with every changing of quantity or skus, my badges have loader icon?

Plugin can automatically create badges for skus; for products with certain quantity, etc. For this it is necessary each time to check the current state of the product. That's why you see loaders. Plugin sends data to server.

You can hide loaders in plugin settings. The data on the server will be sent.

What does the ellipsis in code constructions?

Read more in the article.

Posted: June 23, 2017
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