You can create certificates in different places:

Shop - Marketing - Gift certificates

On this page you can create the certificate and fill all available fields. After the saving you will be able to edit the certificate template.

On the Orders page

On the Orders page you can create individual user certificate. There are situations when you want to increase customer loyalty. While watching an order, you can offer the client a certificate for the amount of the order, delivery, discounts, and so on. - it's up to you.

The process of creating the certificate is ordinary.

While creating / editing the order (backend)

If you create or edit an order, you can create the certificate and include it to the order.

The customer will have to pay

On the storefront (by customer)

Your clients can buy their own certificates for any amount. To do this, you need to organize the selling of the certificates.

Automatic creation (certificate generating).

Certificates can be created automatically on the storefront, in notifications, mailings to stimulate sales (examples) and increase loyalty of the clients.

To do this, you should use special helper.

Posted: November 13, 2020
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