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Certificate states can be changed on Shop - Settings - Gift certificates states

By default, all new certificates are not active: you cannot use them for getting the discount.

Each state determines whether you can use the certificate or not.

There are 2 ways to change the state:

  • manually,
  • automatically.

Manual changing of the states

You can use manual changing:

  • when create the certificate from backend (Orders) or edit the order:

  • when edit the certificate from backend (Shop - Marketing - Gift certificates):

  • when generate the certificates through the helper.

Automatic changing of the states

On the page Shop - Settings - Gift certificates states you can set automatic changing of the states. This happens when the state of the order that contains the certificate changes.

How do states work by default?

ActionState Temporary Waiting for activation Active Deleted Manual selection
Creating of the certificate on the storefront (by customer)
Creating of the certificate in backend
Order placed
Order paid or completed
Order deleted
Certificate generating
Cart item with the certificate was deleted The certificate is completely deleted
Clear the cart The certificate is completely deleted
Abandoned cart that cannot be restored The certificate is completely deleted

Certificates in temporary states can be automatically deleted from database. This state is usually used when the certificate is in the shopping cart, but the order has not yet been placed.

By default, only the active state allows you to use certificates to get a discount.


Each time the states changes, you can notify the client or administrator.

Read more in the article Notifications when changing the states.

Why I don't see temporary state in the list?

Temporary state is system. We don't recommend to change it. But you can do it, if you need.

To do this, enter the following in the browser's address bar:

where http://mydomain.com/webasyst/ - admin page of Webasyst panel.

You should see the temporary state editing page.

How can I determine the state ID?

You may need the state ID when generating certificates. You will need it to specify the state of the certificate to create.

The state ID is located next to the title.

In this example it is equal to 19.

Posted: November 13, 2020
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