The best online store solutions for 2019

Минимальные требования
Минимальные требования
Минимальные требования
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    Stand out           We have collected the BEST online store solutions

    Adaptive design
    Having studied the marketing research and based on the experience of market leading stores. We have simplified every page, made it comprehensible and convenient. We have made the buttons, links, and icons larger to give a feeling of comfort in work.

    Solutions from TOP online stores
    We have collected TOP 50 best online stores in Russia and Ukraine. Industry leaders, with millions of budgets, with dozens of marketers and analysts on the staff. We have analysed each mechanism, chosen the best, and introduced it into our PREMIUM design theme.

    Three project concepts
    Image - your logo in the centre. It is required when the store name is more high profile than the products. It is good for the premium segment.
    The huge catalogue - can be used when there are more than eight root categories.
    Classic - logo on the left, open search for the products. The classic and most convenient solution.

    Ready for promotion
    The SEO team has introduced several useful solutions. The aura structure of H1 - H6 tags was built on all pages. Keywords and product name were added on the product page in the H2 tag. This increases the relevance of the product page. Errors of metadata doubling were eliminated.

    Comfortable work training, consultation and support
    We will help you configure the engine, put it on the hosting, and set up the theme. We will show you how to process and load the products faster.
 We will train your employees to work comfortably with the online store.

    Smooth product selection
    Each mechanism of your online store communicates with the visitor. The loyalty of visitors and the income that the store brings will depend on how comfortable the dialogue with the client is.

    A team of professionals is with you
    We are e-commerce fans. We will help you to develop the project effectively. Create and launch audacious projects, and the PREMIUM theme will be your reliable support point.

    Be cooler           Many solutions that are already in the design theme

    • Promo blocks
    • Delivery and payment on the product page
    • Product page navigation
    • Product reviews on the home page
    • Indicators of colours, reviews and product videos on the lists
    • Search auto-completion or search help
    • Pop-up shopping cart
    • Minimized menu of service pages
    • Top banner for emphasis

    Instructions and settings

    Enjoy your work!

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    The best online store solutions for 2019
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