Christmas balls, snowflakes, christmas tree

Минимальные требования
Минимальные требования
Минимальные требования
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    Christmas decoration 3 in 1

    Christmas and New Year is coming! Create a pre-Christmas mood for your online store visitors!
    Imagine a man for an hour surfing the Internet in search of gifts. Same offers, same shop windows...
    And here your website opens: the pacifying snow falls, the cursor defiantly waves sparkling balls, and the elegant Christmas tree looking impatiently around the corner, as if hinting.
    Degree of mood rises. The cart is full.

    The « Christmas decoration 3 in 1 » plugin allows you to quickly and easily decorate your online store with New Year's animation. We present a very beautiful selection of Christmas decorations for the site. She looks stylish and elegant, but not covers the main content of the site.

    After installing the plugin, three designs will become available on your site.
    Use them all at once, they complement each other perfectly, or leave only one.
    Each element can be customized to your taste. Change the elements and their settings daily or once setting the start and end dates of the withdrawal of clearance and the option « Active every year » and forget forever.

    So, after installing this plugin, your site will appear:

    • Elegant balls at the top of the screen.
      Available in red and blue. Very sticky sway when you hover the cursor.
    • Falling snow.
      Beautiful snowflakes of different sizes of bluish color, they are clearly visible on any background of the site, including white.
      Turn on «Light snow », « Snowfall » or arrange a “Snowstorm” on your website ». Snowflakes move after the cursor.
    • Christmas tree in the corner.
      Enrich the Christmas image of your site with the most beautiful, lush Christmas tree.
      You only need to decide whether to place it in the right or left corner.
      Christmas tree disappears from the site when you click on it.

    The plugin is adapted to any screen resolution, including mobile versions of the site. You can also disable any element for mobile versions.

    Warning! After the initial installation, the default plugin has an inactive status, it must be enabled in the settings. This is necessary for the possibility of advanced settings, before the first inclusion.


    The plugin is very simple in installation and settings, but if you need help, we are happy to advise.

    Wea are always open to your suggestions for improvements and fixes!
    Merry Christmas!

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    Christmas decoration 3 in 1
    Christmas decoration 3 in 1
    Christmas balls, snowflakes, christmas tree
    Christmas decoration 3 in 1 (Site)
    Christmas decoration 3 in 1 (Site)
    Christmas balls, snowflakes, christmas tree
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