Increases sales conversion online store

Минимальные требования
Минимальные требования
Минимальные требования
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    Buy one click
    The plugin allows buyers to make an order for one product quickly which positively effects overall sales conversion.
    • «Buy one click» button shortcut is placed on the item card or in the cart, which is fully compatible with 30 design themes
    • Popup window with contact information form opens by a click; flexible adjustment of this form is possible
    • Order is created in the admin dashboard with a status of "New"; plug-in is fully integrated with Shop-Script 5-6
    Button settings:
    • Standard button label and in case when product not available
    • Definition of button place: on the item card and/or in the cart
    • Styles setting: button background color, button hover, alignment
    • Setting goals for Yandex Metrics and Google-Analytics
    Order form settings:
    • Window title label, description, "Order" button label
    • Enable/Disable captcha
    • Enable/Disable «Comment»
    • List of attributes for ordering. The list is formed of attributes marked in «Settings -> Checkout -> Contact info». There is ability to determine required attributes
    • Ability to insert additional styles and scripts
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    Buy one click
    Buy one click
    Increases sales conversion online store
    Category logo
    Category logo
    Easy download of images for product categories
    Linking orders to managers
    Linking orders to managers
    Linking orders to managers, sales reports
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