Easy download of images for product categories

Минимальные требования
Минимальные требования
Минимальные требования
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    The plugin adds to the admin area of the store:
    • For categories, the ability to upload an image
    • Image Manager for convenient work with all categories at once

    Plugin settings:
    • On / off
    • Auto reduction main image: height, width
    • Conclusion in a standard location
    • The choice of what to display in a standard location: main image or one of three sketches
    • Create three sketches with his size
    • When you change the size of thumbnails has a function of reconstructing images

    On the website the plugin is normal:
    • To display the uploaded image in a standard location
    • Or to display one of the thumbnails

    Additional features of the plugin:
    • The output image in any place - manual
    • In the category display logos subcategories – manual
    • On the main output page of the logos of the major categories – manual
    • In the menu display of the thumbnail categories – manual
    • Styling image standard place – manual
    • Display images of the categories in the slider – manual

    Customizing the theme of the design is not included in the plug-in support and is a paid pricelist, more about technical support

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    Category logo
    Category logo
    Easy download of images for product categories
    Linking orders to managers
    Linking orders to managers
    Linking orders to managers, sales reports
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